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All in One Accessibility
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Accessibility Products

All In One Accessibility has a wide variety of accessibility products for individuals with disabilities and physical challenges including creating wheelchair accessible environments to allow for greater mobility and freedom. Please contact us to learn more about what we can do to meet the physical challenges you are experiencing. We have a solution.

  • Automatic Door Handles and Remote Switches
  • Specialized Kitchen Appliances for Wheelchair Access
  • Hands-Free Trash Can
  • Motion Activated Faucet
  • Remote Controlled Window Shades
  • Wheelchair Accessible Computer Workstations
  • Electronics Assistive Headsets and Speakers
  • Wheelchair Ramps and Threshold Ramps
  • Roll In Showers and Walk In Tubs
  • Tub Lifts, Shower Chairs
  • Toilet Lifts
  • Dining Room Table Servers
  • Tableware for People with Disabilities
  • Cosy Chairs, Volker Beds & Nightstands
  • Grab Bars, Bed Rails, Grab Poles
  • Wheelchair Transfer Boards
  • Lift Slings
  • Lifts for Toilet, Stairs, Outdoor, Car
  • Mobilift Platform (Wheelchair Lifts)
  • Slanted Chairs and Perching Stools
  • Wheelchair Ramps for Car, Curb Ramps, Threshold Ramps, Indoor

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